Womens Snowshoes


Atlas Aspect

Designed for the true backcountry user in even the worst winter conditions.
$299.00 CAD

Atlas Boa Run 22

The Boa Run snowshoe provides precision fit for running in technical terrain with the Boa Closure System.
$279.00 CAD

Atlas Endeavor 28

Maximizes versatility for inconsistent terrain while maintaining soft-snow performance.
$249.00 CAD

Atlas Fitness

Designed with the winter workout enthusiasts in mind, with a range of motion, lightweight binding, and a V frame.
$199.00 CAD

Atlas Spindrift 30

Designed for speed and performance on technical terrain.
$299.99 CAD

GV Active Winter Snowshoes

Great quality and value for leisure hiking and casual users.
$169.00 CAD

GV Bear Paw Rawhide

The Bear Paw is the 2nd most well-known snowshoe shape that originated among the First Nations Innu people (Montagnais) of Canada. Mostly used for hunting, trapping, and hikes in dense forests.
$179.99 - $199.99 CAD

GV Cat Trail

The lightest snowshoe in the GV series, with an asymmetrical tail design to reduce the risk of tripping.
$189.00 CAD

GV Huron Rawhide

The Huron snowshoe has origins that can be traced back to the Huron people of Canada. It is used mostly for hunting, trapping, and long hikes in open forests and fields.
$159.99 - $189.99 CAD

GV Outdoor Trail

The snowshoe design ensures enjoyable recreational use made with lightweight aluminum and Atlas's Hi-FLEX.
$129.95 CAD

GV Race ST

A streamlined, lightweight racing snowshoe for those who want to travel faster.
$209.00 CAD

GV Snow Aerolite Aluminum Snowshoes

Lightweight and durable - designed for advanced recreational users.
$209.99 CAD