Watersport Carriers


Seattle Sports Sherpak Boat Roller

A personal boat loading system that can be mounted to the rear of a vehicle to assist in loading your boat by yourself
$59.95 CAD

Thule Glide and Set 883

A saddle combination that guides and sets the kayak for smooth loading, unloading and transportation
$289.00 CAD

Thule Goalpost 997

This adjustable support can carry a wide range of kayaks, canoes, paddleboards and sailboards on a pick-up truck
$319.00 CAD

Thule Hull-a-Port 834

A standard J-style cradle offering superior carrying performance and protection
$219.00 CAD

Thule Hull-a-Port PRO

A vertical carrier that folds down when not in use
$279.00 CAD

Thule Hullavator Pro 898

Easily load a kayak on your own with supports that lift up to 40 lbs of your kayak's weight
$779.00 CAD

Thule Hydro Glide 875XT

Felt-lined saddles for smooth kayak loading and unloading
$159.00 CAD

Thule Outrigger II 847

A unique retractable arm that fits inside your load bars and allows one person to load or unload a boat.
$135.00 CAD

Thule Portage 819

An easy loading canoe carrier with universal roof rack compatibility
$159.00 CAD

Thule Roll Model 884

Guides and centers your kayak on top of your vehicle for easier loading and unloading
$299.00 CAD

Thule Set to Go 878XT

Form fitting saddles that hug and grip your boat's surface for maximum stability and protection
$159.00 CAD

Thule Slipstream 887XT

Easier loading and unloading with a sliding roller that supports 50% of your kayak's weight
$499.00 CAD

Thule SUP Taxi Carrier 810

A locking stand-up paddleboard carrier for security combined with a convenient, universal mounting design
$329.00 CAD

Thule The Stacker 830

Hold up to 4 kayaks stacked on their sides, making the most of your available roof space
$219.95 CAD

Thule Top Deck 881

Custom designed saddles conform to the most popular hull shapes so you can transport your kayak safely
$169.00 CAD