Scupper Plugs


Harmony Scupper Stoppers 4 Pack

Scupper Plugs are an essential item for any kayaker who wants to enjoy the benefits of their sit-on-top kayak all year long, enabling more comfortable cold weather paddling or for anyone who just wants a drier ride.
$21.99 CAD

Ocean Kayak Scupper Stoppers 2 Pack (Medium)

Scupper Stoppers can be used to plug the scupper holes in the cockpit of your Ocean Kayak or Old Town Predator kayak. This will help you stay dry while you are paddling.
$14.95 CAD

Seattle Sports Scupper Plugs 2 Pack (Universal)

Finally a plug that fits all scuppers! These distinctive scupper plugs offer a multi-sized design that allows for easy seating in most scuppers.
$11.95 CAD

Tulita Universal Scupper Plugs (2 Pack)

Is water coming through your scupper holes dampening your mood? Try these universal scupper plugs!
$7.95 CAD