Dog Gear


Granite Gear Absorber Dog Leash

A 6 foot shock-absorbent stretch dog leash. Use on trail or to dampen the tugs of your extra excited pup so you and your pet can walk in comfort.
$15.99 CAD

Granite Gear Dog Mush Bootie

Designed to give your puppy protection and traction on snow or rocky terrain. Mimic the natural texture of a dogs paw for extra grip.
$26.99 CAD

Guyot Squishy Pet Bowls

The perfect portable pet bowl! Smush it into your pack or pocket so fido can get a drink or snack wherever you go.
$18.99 CAD

Mountainsmith K9 Backbowl

A roll up dog dish that holds over a liter of food or water
$19.95 CAD

Mountainsmith K9 Cube

Make traveling with your pet simple with this luggage system for your dog
$84.95 CAD

Mountainsmith K9 Dog Bed

Dogs do not like to sleep on the ground either - use this comfy bed for your pooch
$74.95 CAD

Mountainsmith K9 Dog Pack

A "dogonomically" correct gear hauler for your four legged friend
$84.95 CAD

Silverfoot Poo Bag Refills

Refills for your poo bag. 3 rolls of 15 rainforest scented, degradable bags for eco-friendly cleanup while walking your dog
$10.00 CAD

Silverfoot Poo Pouch

Never be without a poo bag again! Clean up after your dog with easily accessible, 100% degradable bags
$13.50 CAD