Canoe Paddles


Aquabound Paddles Edge

Lightweight paddle with a curved blade for maximum power with every stroke, and an injection molded T-grip for comfort and precise control.
$159.00 CAD

Bending Branches Paddles Black Pearl II

Durable and lightweight. The ideal choice for long distances over flat water.
$324.95 CAD

Bending Branches Paddles Slice Glass Solo 280cm

You, too, can be a virtuoso soloist.
$209.95 CAD

Bending Branches Paddles Sunburst Bent 11

The Bent Bending Branches Sunburst 11 canoe paddle combines years of wood-crafting artistry with state of the art composite technology that makes this our lightest canoe paddle.
$295.00 CAD

Bending Branches Paddles Sunburst ST

A beautiful straight shaft canoe paddle with carbon shaft and a large blade for a powerful stroke.
$289.00 CAD

Bending Branches Paddles Viper Bent

Ergonomically designed wooden paddle aligns both wrists for maximum efficiency and comfort when whitewater and expedition paddling.
$209.00 CAD

Carlisle Paddles Economy Paddle

The perfect all-purpose paddle. A great price performer! Lightweight and durable, with a large blade to add power to your stroke.
$29.95 CAD

Grey Owl 454 Hybrid Dragonboat Paddle

A light, 16 oz hybrid paddle with carbon shaft and wood blade.
$165.00 CAD

Grey Owl Club Dragonboat Paddle

An economical entry-level wooden dragonboat paddle.
$47.00 CAD

Grey Owl Hammerhead

Tough and lightweight paddle for use in moving water and class 1-3 whitewater conditions with an effective wide, short blade.
$95.00 CAD

Grey Owl Jet Carbon Paddle

Performance level all-carbon dragonboat paddle
$229.00 CAD

Grey Owl Owlet

Get the kids involved with their very own pint-sized paddle!
$23.95 CAD

Grey Owl Raven

A comfy, fatigue-fighting 12-degree bent shaft paddle. Great for marathon or outrigger canoeing.
$249.00 CAD

Grey Owl Scout

Ideal entry-level paddle with laminated bass construction and pear grip.
$48.00 CAD

Grey Owl Sprite

Excellent lightweight training or entry-level touring paddle with 14-degree bent shaft.
$79.00 CAD

Grey Owl Sugar Island

Large-blade paddle with good directional control and acceleration. Great for moving water and paddlers who prefer large blades with little slippage.
$89.00 CAD

Grey Owl Voyageur

A durable, excellent all around paddle for wilderness tripping, with a wide and short blade for the shallows.
$69.00 CAD

Sawyer Youth 38" Paddle

A beautiful pint-sized paddle designed to get kids out on the water
$59.00 CAD

Werner Bandit Carbon

Ideal carbon whitewater paddle. Spooned, with powerful catch and incredible control.
$259.00 CAD