Paddling Knives


McNett Samish Knife

A pointed tipped emergency knife for survival situations. A great rescue knife that slices or punctures with its pointed tip.
$41.95 CAD

McNett Saturna Knife

Blunt tipped rescue knife perfect for a PFD. Feel secure with the ability to slice tangled chords or clothing in life threatening situations.
$49.95 CAD

NRS Captains Rescue Knife

The folding, lock-blade NRS Captain Rescue Knife and features a rope cutting hook at the tip and a quick-slicing serrated edge.
$54.95 CAD

NRS Co Pilot Knife

Compact knife design is a great fit for your PFD and smaller than the NRS Pilot Knife
$44.95 CAD

NRS Green Knife

2 1/8" blunt tip knife that is compact and convenient for paddling
$45.00 CAD

NRS Pilot Knife

A rescue knife that locks securely to the sheath but releases quickly when you really need it
$56.95 CAD

NRS Titanium Co Pilot Knife

A titanium paddling knife that fits any PFD and is perfect for salt water use
$119.00 CAD

NRS Titanium Pilot Knife

A superior, lightweight rescue knife especially great for salt water conditions
$125.00 CAD