Fishing Accessories


Harmony Flush Mount Rod Holder Kit

Flush mount positioning or storage of your fishing rod while in a kayak
$24.95 CAD

Harmony Scotty Paddle Clip

Sometimes simple is the best design for a product and the Scotty Paddle Clip 136 is not only simple, it's STRONG!
$14.95 CAD

RAM Tube Rod Holder

The RAP-119 consists of the RAM-TUBE 2008 fishing rod holder and 2.5" diameter round base that contains the universal AMPS hole pattern.
$33.50 CAD

Scotty Baitcaster Rod Holder

Designed with kayak anglers in mind! This rod holder accommodates spinning reels for a wide variety of fishing applications.
$26.95 CAD

Scotty Power Lock Rod Holder

Scotty's most popular value priced, positive locking, open style rod holder, with a universal cradle holds almost any rod and reel setup.
$29.49 CAD

Wilderness Systems Solar Panels

The Solar Panels ensure that your kayak electronics stay powered-up all day, even while underway.
$116.95 CAD

YakAttack 1.5 inch Screwball

A 1.5 inch Threaded RAM Ball and MightyBolt. Compatible with the Wilderness Systems SlideTrax Accessory System as well as other track systems.
$18.95 CAD

YakAttack 8" Gear Trac

Allows for versatile mounting of paddling and fishing gear.
$29.95 CAD

YakAttack GearTrac 4"

Provides an adjustable and fully configurable platform for accessory mounting
$19.95 CAD

YakAttack Mighty Mount

One of the most versatile mounts in the industry! The low profile and small footprint mean it can be installed in locations no other mount will fit.
$11.95 CAD