Chinook Overload Duffel Bag

A heavy-duty, durable multi-purpose polyester duffel bag. Available in 42 L, 100 L and 140 L sizes
$29.95 - $42.95 CAD

Deuter Grant Flight

The perfect trolley business partner. It is hand luggage sized, the lockable main compartment holds clothes as well as laptop and tablet.
$285.00 CAD

SealLine Zip Duffel

All the convenience of a duffle bag with high-quality waterproof construction. Ideal for paddling, sailing, adventure travel and motorcycle touring.
$210.00 - $236.00 CAD

The North Face Overhead

Designed for one-to-two-day trips, keep your 15" laptop and tablet easily accessible and fits in overhead bins.
$249.00 CAD

The North Face Rolling Thunder 36

A 155 liter rolling suitcase that will get all your gear to its final destination
$399.95 CAD