Dry Bags


Eureka Canoe Pak 75L - 115L

A large capacity canoe pack that can also be used for rooftop luggage, and river rafting.
$139.00 - $159.00 CAD

Granite Gear eVent Sil Drysack 7L - 25L

Ultralight waterproof drysacks with a unique block shape for easy and efficient packing.
$28.95 - $48.50 CAD

Outdoor Research AirPurge Compression Dry Sack 10L - 35L

Featuring an air permeable/waterproof fabric band that purges excess air from the sack during compression.
$53.95 - $62.95 CAD

Sea to Summit eVac Dry Sack 8L -35L

The eVAC Dry Sack uses waterproof, air permeable eVENT fabric on the base for valve-free air expelling, allowing compact packing.
$26.95 - $44.95 CAD

Sea to Summit eVent Compression Drysack 10L - 30L

A completely new concept in compression dry bags - there is no valve, allowing air to be pushed out of the sack, but won't allow water to get back in.
$41.95 - $59.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Lightweight Drysack 4L - 35L

An economy lightweight dry bag that will keep your contents dry
$19.95 - $32.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Compression Drysack 6L - 20L

A Sil-Nylon compression drysack that compresses gear and keeps it dry. Added lightweight touches of the Ultra-Sil technology.
$39.95 - $57.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Nano Drysack 2L - 35L

In the age of ultra-lightweight everything we have developed a range of ultra-lightweight dry sacks to save those crucial few grams.
$15.95 - $41.95 CAD

SealLine Baja Dry Bags 5L - 30L

Made with waterproof 19 oz. vinyl sides and a heavy-duty 30 oz. bottom, they can withstand just about any abuse Mother Nature, or your crew, can dish out.
$25.95 - $51.95 CAD

SealLine Baja Stern Deck Bag

For longer tours when you have more gear than storage space.
$89.95 CAD

SealLine Black Canyon Dry Pack 115L

Versatile & comfortable large-capacity waterproof pack, designed to keep gear dry and protected while being comfortable to carry.
$219.95 CAD

SealLine Blocker Dry Sack 10-20 L

A versatile and efficient dry pack with rectangular shape for easier packing
$23.95 - $29.95 CAD

SealLine Blocker Lite Dry Sack 5-15L

Featherweight organizational system for efficient gear organization in your pack
$24.95 - $31.95 CAD

SealLine Boundary Dry Pack 35L - 115L

A Durable waterproof portage pack, with all-new suspension system designed to lighten the burden of gear-hauling whether paddling, fishing, rafting, camping or traveling.
$119.95 - $159.95 CAD

SealLine Bulkhead Tapered 20 L

Designed to maximize kayak storage space in the bow or stern
$64.95 CAD

SealLine Bulkhead View Dry Bag 5L - 30L

This dry bag is designed to efficiently stow in boat hatches and cramped compartments, while the clear window makes it easy to identify contents.
$32.95 - $58.95 CAD

SealLine Discovery Deck Bag 30L

Whether lashed to a paddle board, stowed in (or on) a kayak, slung over a shoulder, or attached to a motorcycle, you can count on it's heavy-duty, waterproof performance.
$94.00 CAD

SealLine Discovery Dry Bag 30L

Made of ultra durable materials and brings some funky style to your back country gear
$61.00 CAD

SealLine Discovery View Dry Bag 5L - 30L

Ultra-durable dry protection with easy viewing. Save time and energy by swiftly identifying contents in our waterproof Discovery View dry bag.
$32.55 - $64.95 CAD

SealLine Pro Dry Pack 70L - 120L

The most supportive & fully-adjustable waterproof pack, PVC-free with large durable capacity, for big river running, frequent portaging, and worry-free expedition travel.
$239.00 - $259.00 CAD

SealLine Seal Pak

Multiple carrying options, including a removable waist belt and shoulder strap attachments, make this 4L pack a versatile choice for urban adventures, day hikes, or travel.
$62.95 CAD

SealLine Widemouth Duffel

Rugged, completely waterproof duffel perfect for paddling or travel.
$125.00 - $150.00 CAD

SealLine Zip Duffel

All the convenience of a duffle bag with high-quality waterproof construction. Ideal for paddling, sailing, adventure travel and motorcycle touring.
$210.00 - $236.00 CAD

Seattle Sports Mesh Duffel

The perfect heavy duty mesh duffel to carry all your wet gear
$109.00 CAD

Watershed Colorado Duffel Drybag

A military grade water-proof duffel bag comfortable in the city and travel, or extreme terrain and weather conditions.
$239.00 CAD

Watershed Highland Rifle Backpack Drybag

Whether you hunt in water or carry a gun on raft trips for bear protection, no case gives you peace of mind like the Highland Backpack.
$180.00 CAD

Watershed Large Tote Drybag

When you want the best in dry protection for camping, the boat or the beach in a tote-style bag, look no further.
$169.00 CAD

Watershed Ocoee Drybag

An all-round duffel for city-life, camping, paddling and even for the most extreme terrain and conditions. The military version of the popular Ocoee duffel.
$149.00 CAD

Watershed Survival Equipment Bag Large

A larger version of our Small Survival Equipment Bag, this duffel will hold enough survival gear for a multi-passenger vessel or aircraft in the event of an emergency.
$235.00 CAD

Watershed Survival Equipment Bag Small

Developed in conjunction with U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Life Support, this bag offers peace of mind in a compact package.
$199.00 CAD

Watershed Wetland Shotgun Case Drybag

Whether you hunt in water or carry a gun on raft trips for bear protection, no case gives you peace of mind like the Wetland Shotgun Case.
$159.00 CAD