Black Diamond 12 mm Dynex Daisy Chain 115 cm

A lightweight, minimalist daisy made with Dynex
$32.95 CAD

Black Diamond 18mm Nylon Runner

Durable sewn runners for anchors, traditional protection and extended placements.
$4.95 - $9.95 CAD

Black Diamond Camalot C4

Significantly lighter weights, better flexibility and versatility plus solid placement by utilizing a larger expansion range per size
$67.95 - $128.95 CAD

Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight

A breakthrough for fast-and-light missions, introducing a 25% lighter version of the world's most trusted camming device.
$96.95 CAD

Black Diamond Express Ice Screws

Fastest placing ice screws. Engage into the ice quickly with large crank knobs to make them easier to grab.
$63.95 CAD

Black Diamond Offset Stopper Set #7-11

The Black Diamond Offset Stoppers utilize offset geometry for pin scars or irregular cracks while free climbing or aid climbing.
$99.99 CAD

Black Diamond Stopper Nuts

Designed with a transverse taper that permits sideways placements in flares and shallow seams
$11.50 - $11.95 CAD

Black Diamond Stopper Set #4-13

Time-tested passive pro for everything from granite walls to quartzite cragging - descendants of the original chocks.
$129.99 CAD

Black Diamond Wiregate Nut Tool

A wiregate take on our classic nut tool, crucial for any rack.
$21.99 CAD

Petzl Cordex Climbing Gloves

Protect your hands from rope burns, rough rock and cold while keeping a good grip on rock holds and ice tools with these lightweight belay/rappel gloves
$49.95 CAD

Petzl Spatha

Lightweight, single blade, multi-purpose knife that can be opened with a single hand and has a clever hole in the handle to fit a carabiner.
$38.95 CAD