Lanyards & Energy Absorbers


Petzl Absorbica

Tear-webbing energy absorber, for use in combination with a JANE lanyard to make an energy-absorbing lanyard.
$66.00 - $84.00 CAD

Petzl Absorbica-I International

Single lanyard with integrated compact energy absorber designed for protection on a horizontal lifeline (rope or cable) or on an elevated platform.
$135.00 - $159.00 CAD

Petzl Absorbica-Y

A Y-shaped energy absorbing lanyard with 2 MGO connectors. The Y shape allows junctions in a cable lifeline to be passed without disconnecting.
$329.00 - $395.00 CAD

Petzl Absorbica-Y Tie-Back

Double lanyard with integrated intermediate tie-back rings and compact energy absorber. Designed for continuous protection on very large structures and when passing intermediate anchor points.
$459.00 CAD

Petzl ASAP'Sorber

Lanyard with energy absorber for ASAP or ASAP LOCK, absorbs the impact of a fall by tearing along stitching. For use with the ASAP mobile fall arrester.
$54.95 - $67.95 CAD

Petzl Grillon Adjustable Lanyard Max 1.5 m

An excellent adjustable work positioning lanyard with a mechanical adjustment system and sliding protective sheath that protects rope contact points.
$189.00 - $294.00 CAD

Petzl Grillon Anchor 2m - 5m

Adjustable work positioning lanyard with MGO large opening connector.
$249.00 - $269.00 CAD

Petzl Grillon Hook 2m - 5m

A lanyard fitted with auto-locking double safety connector.
$275.00 - $295.00 CAD

Petzl Jane Lanyard

Non-adjustable dynamic rope lanyard for work positioning and backup systems.
$39.95 - $46.95 CAD