Filters & Purifiers


Aquatabs Purification Tablets 1 Liter (50 pack)

The world's #1 water purification tablets. For use in emergency situations, while traveling or on trail.
$10.95 CAD

Katadyn Base Camp Pro 10L

How much easier can it get? The simple system uses gravity to filter water through a 0.2 micron ceramic filter.
$119.95 CAD

Katadyn Ceradyn TRK Drip Filter

Perfect for camps and cottages with limited availability to clean drinking water. Large volume filtration system
$299.00 CAD

Katadyn Combi Filter

Protects against waterborne contaminants and filters enough water for large groups.
$275.00 CAD

Katadyn Combi Replacement Cartridge

Filters 50 000 liters of water.
$119.95 CAD

Katadyn Hiker Pro Filter

Always a best seller at Wilderness Supply. Lightweight and easy to use water filtration.
$108.00 CAD

Katadyn Hiker Replacement Filter Cartridge

Filters 750 liters of water.
$53.00 CAD

Katadyn Micropur Purification Tablets (Pkg 30)

Water purification treatments for use in emergency situations, while traveling or on trail.
$19.95 CAD

Katadyn MyBottle Microfilter White Splash

Easy to operate filtration bottle for any activity in the back country
$52.00 CAD

Katadyn MyBottle Purifier Blue Splash

Removes all viruses, bacteria, cysts from water. Simply fill and drink
$69.95 CAD

Lifesaver 4000L Bottle

A nanofiltration system that removes all bacteria, cysts, parasites, fungi all other microbiological waterborne pathogens
$199.95 CAD

Lifesaver Jerrycan 10,000L

An 18.5L water jug for car camping or on the job site that will deliver you purified and clean drinking water up to 10,000L
$349.95 CAD

MSR Guardian Annual Maintenance Kit

Everything you need to maintain your Guardian purifier
$35.95 CAD

MSR Guardian Purifier

The world's most advanced self cleaning international purifier. Its advanced hollow fiber filter offers the most reliable way to purify everything. Removes Viruses, Bacteria, Protozoa & Dirt!
$450.00 CAD

MSR Guardian Replacement Filter Cartridge

Restore your Guardian Purifier's flow rate. Lasts up to 10,000+ liters
$225.00 CAD

MSR Hyperflow Microfilter

The lightest and fastest water filter. So efficient and easy to use it will change the way you travel in the backcountry
$125.00 CAD

MSR MiniWorks & Water Works Maintenance Kit

A complete maintenance kit for both MiniWorks and WaterWorks microfilters. Features: Effective A ...
$25.00 CAD

MSR MiniWorks & WaterWorks Ceramic Filter Cartridge

Replacement ceramic filter element for both MiniWorks and WaterWorks Microfilters providing increased flow rates for older models..
$49.95 CAD

MSR Miniworks Ex Microfilter

The best-selling filter on the market engineered for frequent and heavy use, it utilizes our workhorse Marathon EX carbon/ceramic element to ensure clean, reliable and taste-free water.
$115.00 CAD

MSR MIOX Accessory Kit

MSR MIOX Replacement Test Strips and Salt
$17.00 CAD

MSR Sweetwater Microfilter Replacement Cartridge

The filter cartridge for the Sweetwater Microfilter will last up to 750 liters depending upon water conditions. This filter catches particles down to 0.2-microns
$60.00 CAD

Platypus Gravityworks 4.0L Water Filter System

High-capacity, pump-free water filtration for groups and basecamps, that filters up to 1.75 liters a minute without any pumping.
$129.95 CAD

Pristine Water Purification Treatment

Simple, no-taste water purification treatment.
$22.00 CAD

Steripen Adventurer Opti

A compact, lightweight Steripen option, perfect for taking on trail
$105.00 CAD

Steripen Classic 3

Purify up to 200 half-liters of water with a single set of batteries
$84.95 CAD

Steripen Quantum Purifier

Treats 1 L of water in 90 seconds and provides 3000 treatments
$94.95 CAD

Steripen Ultra

A rechargeable purifier that treats up to 8,000 one-liter treatments
$124.95 CAD