Accessories & Outfitting


Harmony Deck Rigging Set

Easy to install and provides immediate benefits. It is great for attaching extra lightweight gear to Recreation and Touring boats and SUP's.
$25.99 CAD

Harmony Drain Plug Kit

Easily installed and much appreciated when the need arises. The Drain plug Kit consists of captured drain plug, threaded fitting secured by screws and well nuts.
$10.95 CAD

Harmony Minicell Foam Pad 1"

Customize the outfitting of your canoe or kayak with this 1" minicell foam pad
$25.99 CAD

Harmony Minicell Foam Pad 3"

Customize the outfitting of your canoe or kayak with this 3" minicell foam pad
$61.95 CAD

Harmony Minicell Foam Pad 3/16"

Customize the outfitting of your canoe or kayak with this 3/16" minicell foam pad
$19.95 CAD

Harmony Paddle Clip

The Harmony Paddle Clip kit offers an easy and secure way to hold or store a paddle, freeing up both hands for fishing or photography.
$14.95 CAD

Harmony Short Float Stern Bag

The Harmony Short Float Stern bag is a single replacement bag for the stern of 8 ft -10 ft kayaks.
$39.00 CAD

Kanulock Keyvault

With a KEYVAULT you can safely lock your electronic keys to your car while you enjoy the water.
$59.95 CAD

Kanulock Lockable Tie-Down Straps

Have you been looking for a strap that locks your boat to your roof rack? The lockable tie-down strap by Kanulock is for you.
$109.95 - $119.95 CAD

North Water Paddle Grabbers

A quick and easy system for keeping multiple paddles together and organized for travel or storage.
$15.95 CAD

North Water Rescue Stirrup

Re-enter your kayak with ease and confidence. This is the perfect aid to help you get you back in your boat and paddling again.
$37.95 CAD

North Water Touring Safety Kit

Safety necessities conveniently bundled together in a handy mesh bag. This simple and cost effective Safety Kit is great for the new paddler.
$159.00 CAD

North Water TurtleBack Deck Bag

Keep a clean deck and still have quick access to a few top side essentials like radio, sunscreen, or gloves.
$79.00 CAD

NRS 3 MM Maxim Glove

The thick neoprene construction and fleece-lined interior of NRS Maxim Gloves keep hard-charging paddlers' hands warm and fingers nimble.
$79.95 CAD

NRS Men's 3/4 Boaters Gloves

3/4 finger, UPF 50 paddling glove with synthetic leather palm perfect for warm-weather boating.
$24.95 CAD

NRS Women's 3/4 Boaters Gloves

The NRS Women's Boater's Gloves combines lightweight UPF 50+ material on the backs with rugged synthetic leather on palms.
$24.95 CAD

Perception Kayak Anchor

Keep your kayak from drifting off course while fishing or just taking a break to swim, to take photos or even to enjoy the view.
$49.99 CAD

RAM Tube Rod Holder

The RAP-119 consists of the RAM-TUBE 2008 fishing rod holder and 2.5" diameter round base that contains the universal AMPS hole pattern.
$37.99 CAD

Scotty Power Lock Rod Holder

Scotty's most popular value priced, positive locking, open style rod holder, with a universal cradle holds almost any rod and reel setup.
$29.49 CAD

Seals Shoulder Sling Carrier for Kayak or SUP

Whether it be to the beach or a dock, this should sling will make carrying your kayak or SUP a whole lot easier - your back will thank you!
$39.95 CAD

Sealskinz Waterblocker Socks

The perfect addition to any outdoor wardrobe. Waterproof socks to keep your feet dry in the wettest of conditions.
$51.99 CAD

Seattle Sports Lashmates Supersuk Attachment System

Designed for smooth finished paddle boards or kayaks, offering temporary lashing points for SUPs and boats.
$32.95 CAD

Seattle Sports Tri-Way Mini Bungee Deck Kit

Everything you need to add customized bungee deck rigging to your boat or board.
$25.95 CAD

Stohlquist Contact Fingerless Glove

A special paddler’s friend, the Contact Fingerless Glove offers protection and warmth without giving up the feel for the paddle or the water.
$26.95 CAD

Tulita 30L Deck Bag

From snacks to extra layers, the Tulita Outdoors 30L Deck Bag offers a secure storage solution for the deck of your favorite kayak.
$79.00 CAD

Tulita Canoe and Kayak Cart

This boat cart is a compact folding cart that makes it easy to haul your kayak or canoe from car to water and back again.
$119.00 CAD

Tulita Padded Wall Rack Storage Straps

This boat storage solution from Tulita Outdoors provides easy and secure storage of your canoe or kayaks.
$49.95 CAD

Wilderness Systems Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

The Trolling Motor Mount is a universal Wilderness Systems mounting system that is designed to accommodate a variety of after-market trolling motors.
$87.99 CAD

Wilderness Systems SlideTrax Rail 8"

Customize your kayak with the industry-leading SlideTrax rails, featuring strong marine grade anodized aluminum.
$39.99 CAD