Yokes & Portage Pads


Level Six Helium Yoke Pad

The Helium yoke pad is designed to make those long portages feel a little shorter. Incorporating a Grip-Tex fabric so the Helium Yoke Pad stays in place.
$19.95 CAD

Teal Portage Yoke

Make your portages easier with comfortable scooped yokes contoured to fit your neck. Can be trimmed to fit a variety of boats.
$69.00 - $89.00 CAD

Wenonah Clamp On Yoke Pad

Sling-style, clamp-on pads - comfort, durability, lightness, and convenience will make portaging that much easier
$95.00 CAD

Wenonah Removable Solo Yoke and Pads

One question we often get asked is; "How do you portage a solo canoe?" The answer is simple, with our Wenonah's removable clamp-on seat mount.
$189.00 CAD