Whitewater Canoes


Esquif Canoe Presage

Ideal for lakes, rivers and often noted for its stability and speed
$2295.00 CAD

Esquif Canoe Prospecteur 17

Excellent workhorse canoe for long river trips and great cruising speed for flat water
$2395.00 CAD

Mad River Canoe Journey

A tough canoe that will provide years of reliable service. Great for camps and outfitters.
$1195.00 - $1250.00 CAD

Nova Craft Canoe Prospector 16

A workhorse wilderness tripping canoe, ideal for river tripping and versatile enough for all-around use.
$1595.00 - $3495.00 CAD

Nova Craft Canoe Prospector 17

The ultimate extended wilderness tripping canoe - can handle a month's worth of supplies, while still tracking well with good speed on flatwater.
$1725.00 - $3595.00 CAD