Silky BigBoy 2000 Curved Folding Saw XL

An XL 14.2-inch blade and rubber-cushioned, double-fist handle is a dream to handle
$77.00 CAD

Silky BigBoy 7 Straight Folding Saw Large

With a blade length of over 14 in, this saw offers a larger cutting capacity, extended reach, and longer stroke.
$80.95 CAD

Silky F180 Economy Straight Folding Saw Large

Consider the F180 Professional folding saw as your ‘go-to’ saw. It’s the cost effective folding saw that is ideal for every everyday gardening.
$43.75 CAD

Silky Gomboy 210 Straight Folding Saw Medium

With refined Japanese cutting technology, it's not surprising the GOMBOY 210 is Silky's bestselling saw.
$52.95 CAD

Silky Gomboy 240 Straight Folding Saw Medium

Precision-ground, impulse-hardened teeth, matched with a premium Japanese handle, the Gomboy 240 offers superior performance.
$57.95 CAD

Silky Gomboy 300 Straight Folding Saw Medium

The Gomboy 300 folding Japanese saw features a 300mm blade of chrome plated SK-4 Japanese steel
$72.95 CAD

Silky Gomtaro 300 Arborist Straight Saw Large

The GOMTARO Professional utilizes Silky Smooth Cutting Technology, providing high-performance cutting efficiency.
$78.95 CAD

Silky Hayauchi 21 ft Telescoping Pole Saw XLarge

Silky's best selling professional telescoping arborist polesaw. Ideal for the toughest pruning jobs!
$365.00 CAD

Silky Katanaboy 500 Straight Folding Saw XLarge

Currently the biggest in its class, this heavy-duty folding saw with a resharpenable blade of superior quality steel, easily competes with a chainsaw.
$233.95 CAD

Silky Katanaboy 650 Straight Folding Saw Large

Two-handed, professional, heavy-duty folding saw, that is well-balanced and handles large limbs and trunks.
$293.95 CAD

Silky PocketBoy Straight Folding Saw Large

Compact lightweight folding saw that will take up very little room in your pocket or backpack.
$48.99 CAD

Silky Sugoi Arborist Curved Sheath Saw large

Best-selling, state-of-the-art, professional hand saw with razor-sharp and ultra-fast cutting, mono-constructed curved blade.
$114.95 CAD

Silky Ultra Accel Curved Folding Saw Large

Built with a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum chassis, features an easy-grip rubberized handle to make it easy on your paws.
$67.95 CAD

Silky ZUBAT 13 ft, 1 Extension Large

Lightweight, professional grade aluminum telescoping pole saw. The pole saw of choice by professionals.
$244.99 CAD