Brunton Dash Mount Precision Compass 70P

Fits into manufacturer-ready recesses to flush-mount on kayaks or boat bulkheads for a smooth factory-installed look at easy, reliable bearings and headings.
$139.00 CAD

Seattle Sports Sea Rover Deck Compass

With large easy-to-read markings yet elegant base, the Sea Rover attaches easily to deck lines - no more squinting to read where you're going!
$39.95 CAD

Silva Expedition S

The Expedition series has been a global leader when it comes to accuracy, precision and durability. The Expedition Series comes with a Slope card and a Scale lanyard.
$64.95 CAD

Silva Guide 426 Compass

Compact, multipurpose sighting compass that floats.
$24.99 CAD

Silva Polaris 177 Metric Compass

Ideal starter compass, with great value performance.
$19.95 CAD

Silva Ranger 6400 Mils

A precision compass measured in Mils for military or professional use, delivers superior accuracy, even in the most demanding conditions.
$89.95 CAD

Silva Ranger CL (Hi-Vis) Compass

A precision sighting compass that ensures you get the most accurate bearing to reach your destination.
$65.00 CAD

Suunto MC-2 DL NH Mirror Compass

The MC-2 DL NH Sighting Compass is a professional mirror sighting compasses which delivers precise directional measurements.
$79.00 CAD

Suunto MC-2 Global Mirror Compass

A military mirror compass with top-of-the-line features for precise directional measurements globally.
$109.00 CAD