Throw Bags, Tows & Rescue Gear


Fox 40 Boat Essentials Kit

A basic kit for any personal watercraft to meet minimum regulations
$12.95 CAD

Fox 40 Classic Boat Safety Kit

Meet the Canadian Coast Guard boating safety requirements in one compact kit
$29.99 CAD

Fox 40 Classic Whistle

Loud, 115 decibel whistle with no moving parts to freeze or jam in an emergency situation. Works when wet.
$5.99 CAD

Level Six X-Traction River Rescue Pin Kit

Provides all the essentials to quickly set up a Z-drag to aid in unpinning a trapped kayak or canoe.
$169.00 CAD

North Water Dynamic Tow Line 50'

This Tow Line meets the critical needs of sea kayak towing rescue: deployment, towing, release, re-packing and immediate re-deployment.
$129.00 CAD

North Water Dynamic Tow Line Basic

Similar to the PRO, it still meets the critical needs of sea kayak towing rescue. Ready for the addition of the PRO features as your skill sets evolve.
$99.95 CAD

North Water Micro Throw Line

50 Feet Of Compact Reliability With A Price To Match. A Coast Guard approved Heaving Line for Human Powered Boats under 19'-8".
$39.00 CAD

North Water Micro Tow Line 50'

A simple and effective tow system for a SUP paddler or beginning sea kayaker.
$89.00 CAD

North Water PFD Sea Link

Our ultra cool, ultra compact in-line towing system is always ready to go from your quick release chest harness.
$99.00 CAD

North Water Pig Tail

Get boats and swimmers to shore quickly and effectively.
$49.00 CAD

North Water Pro Throw Line

These NEW professional grade throw lines have three internal pockets for a rope log and glow sticks making them ideal for night rescue.
$149.00 CAD

North Water Quick Release Belt

Assist in swimmer rescue with the safety of a quick-release if necessary.
$61.95 CAD

North Water Regulation Throw Line 50'

A Compact 55' of floating rope in a teardrop-shaped bag. Reliable and long time favourite for outfitters and paddlers of all calibres for swimmer recovery.
$51.95 CAD

North Water Rescue Stirrup

Re-enter your kayak with ease and confidence. This is the perfect aid to help you get you back in your boat and paddling again.
$37.95 CAD

North Water Sea Tec Tow Line

A sleek, compact waist mounted tow line. It unrolls to a large wide-mouth bag that is easy to re-stuff in rough water conditions.
$149.00 CAD

North Water Wedge Throw Line

The professionals choice. Designed to be accurate, rugged and reliable. Two bag sizes and two rope types to match user requirements.
$82.95 - $199.00 CAD

NRS Pro Guardian Wedge Throw Bag

55 ft of high strength rope
$134.95 CAD

SOL Rescue Howler Whistle (2 Pack)

Emits an ear piercing 110 decibel signal that is sure to be heard when you need to be.
$10.50 CAD

SOL Slim Howler Rescue Whistle (2 Pack)

The Slim Rescue Howler weighs only a few grams but it packs a punch - it's 100dB signal is audible from over a mile away.
$6.95 CAD

Sterling Floating 5/16" Rope

Floating 5/16" diameter rope
$2.00 CAD