Petzl A'mD Lock

Asymmetrical locking carabiner with excellent strength-to-weight ratio for use at the end of a lanyard.
$27.95 CAD

Petzl Caritool

A lightweight, convenient tool holder for ice and rock climbing. Organize and access your gear and tools quickly and easily.
$8.50 - $20.00 CAD

Petzl Freino Twist Lock

Control even heavy-load descents with this auto-locking carabiner with a braking spur to adjust rope friction.
$64.95 CAD

Petzl MGO 110mm

A very large automatic locking differential connector designed for connecting to metallic structural members of large size, as well as large diameter cables and bars.
$169.95 CAD

Petzl Omni Screw Lock

The half-moon OMNI is used to close harnesses that have two attachment points that must be joined with a connector.
$48.95 CAD

Petzl Spirit Bent Carabiner

A bent gate carabiner. The perfectly curved gate and frame shape make clipping the rope a breeze.
$13.95 CAD

Petzl Spirit Screw Lock

A sturdy, basic carabiner suitable for all climbing applications - sport, trad, mixed, ice or alpine.
$18.95 CAD

Petzl Spirit Straight Carabiner

A straight gate carabiner
$14.95 CAD

Petzl William Ball Lock

This locking carabiner's large gate opening makes it a great choice for anchors or belaying when climbing
$25.95 CAD