Rope Clamps & Ascenders


Black Diamond Index Ascender

Effortless operation and comfortable for long days on the wall
$81.95 CAD

Petzl Ascension

Ergonomic handled ascender (right- and left-handed versions) provides greater comfort and efficiency.
$124.95 CAD

Petzl Ascentree

Double-handled arborist rope clamp with an ergonomic grip that is comfortable yet powerful.
$289.95 CAD

Petzl Basic Rope Clamp

Compact, versatile rope clamp ascender that fits well in the hand for rope ascents. The lower attachment hole is large enough to accept carabiners for the lanyard and the footloop.
$104.95 CAD

Petzl Croll

Chest rope clamp that can be used as part of a simple yet powerful sit-stand ascent system that allows easy maneuverablilty on rope.
$94.95 CAD

Petzl Looping 4 Step Etrier

A 4-step etrier for aid climbing.
$74.95 CAD

Petzl Micrograb

A compact cam-loaded rope clamp / grab for permanent installation on a rope
$98.95 CAD

Petzl Pantin

A foot-mounted rope clamp/grab that holds the body more upright, thus making the ascent faster and less tiring for the arms. Left or right.
$105.95 CAD

Petzl Rescucender

Simple to use and ergonomic, the RESCUCENDER is an openable cam-loaded rope clamp designed for use in haul systems.
$129.95 CAD

Petzl Secur

Adjustable shoulder straps used to support a chest mounted ascender, such as the CROLL rope clamp
$49.95 CAD

Petzl Tibloc Ascender

Light, multi-purpose rope grab. An ideal back-up for standard ascenders or for those who wish to travel as light as possible.
$54.95 CAD