Stocking Stuffers & Games

Lightweight but functional grater for cooking gourmet meals in the back country
$10.95 CAD
Season your meal with ground pepper on the trail
$12.95 CAD
The Juice B2 is a pocket knife with one serrated and one straight edge blade made in a high-quality steel.
$17.47 CAD$24.95
A compact, no-nonsense headlamp that just works. For proximity lighting and some movement, the Tikka boasts a whopping 300 lumens.
$39.95 CAD
The Survive Outdoors Longer Mag Striker is the all in one fire starter that includes the essentials needed for starting a fire.
$14.95 CAD
Handcrafted in women co-ops and made of naturally warm and durable lambswool, The multicolored weave is subtle and versatile for every occasion.
$14.00 CAD$35.00