Security & Locks


Coghlans Gear Lock

12 mm steel cable to protect your precious gear
$19.95 CAD

Kanulock Keyvault

With a KEYVAULT you can safely lock your electronic keys to your car while you enjoy the water.
$59.95 CAD

Kanulock Lockable Tie-Down Straps

Have you been looking for a strap that locks your boat to your roof rack? The lockable tie-down strap by Kanulock is for you.
$109.95 - $119.95 CAD

Lasso Security Cable

Provide peace of mind and securely lock your kayak while on the road. Easy to use large double loops with 4 digit combination.
$89.95 CAD

NRS Vigilante Cable Lock

A strong steel cable with narrow ends to protect all your gear from thieves
$99999999999.00 - $0.00 CAD