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Granite Gear eVent Sil Drysack 7L - 25L

$32.50 - $51.95 CAD
  • Product Number: 0000567BL

Ultralight waterproof drysacks with a unique block shape for easy and efficient packing with none of the weight or bulk of standard drybags.  The waterproof eVent bottom allows air to escape out of the sack as it is roll compressed, but prevents any water from entering.  An arched rolling stay helps keep the top open while loading and shapes an easy grab handle when sealed.  The new face of drybags - reduce weight and bulk!


  • Forms a block shape when compressed that stacks perfectly in your pack
  • Simply roll to compress. Air is forced out the eVent bottom.
  • Arched rolling stay keeps Bloc open while loading/unloading and forms an easy to grab handle when sealed


Size Weight Dimension Volume
XXSmall 1.2oz / 33g 4.5x7x17.5"
7L / 425ci

XSmall 1.3oz / 37g 5x7.25x20"
10L / 610ci

Small 1.5oz / 41g 5.25x7.75x21"
13L / 800ci

Medium 1.7oz / 48g 6x8.75x22.5"
18L / 1100ci

Large 2.0oz / 56g 7x10x25"
25L / 1525ci