Wilderness Systems Kayak Supplemental Rudder Kit

  • Product Number: 5120 - 3362641

This kit provides hardware that allows rudder positioning to be adjusted so that the rudder can be controlled when paddling solo or when paddling tandem (i.e., moving rudder from a stern position when paddling tandem to a centered position when paddling solo.) It contains the necessary additional parts to install the “Wilderness Systems Roto Kayak” kit or “Wilderness Systems & Perception Rudder Ready Kayak” kit on 2013 and earlier tandem recreational kayaks. The parts include extension straps and extra foot braces. All necessary hardware and instructions are included.


  • Enables rudder conversion from tandem to solo paddling
  • Extension straps and extra footbraces allow you to trim out your kayak on capable models
  • Installation instructions are included


  • Compatible with: Pamlico 135T, 145T, Perception 2013 and earlier Perception tandem kayaks
  • Model No: 8023053