Black Diamond Camalot C4

$67.95 - $128.95 CAD
  • Product Number: 117062

The Camalot’s double-axle design allows retraction of larger cam lobes, giving our cams a much larger expansion range than single-axle units.

Because loading forces are shared between both axles, this design has the strength to work as a full-strength cam stop, letting you use the cam as passive pro and adding security if the unit walks back into a wider part of a crack and umbrellas. Now in their third generation they are 30% lighter than the originals.

Size Colour Strength Range Weight
0.3 Blue 8kN 13.8-23.4mm 0.54-0.92in 75g 2.65oz
0.4 Gray 10kN 15.5-26.7mm 0.61-1.05in 83g 2.93oz
0.5 Purple 12kN 19.6-33.5mm 0.77-1.32in 99g 3.49oz
0.75 Green 14kN 23.9-41.2mm 0.94-1.62in 119g 4.18oz
1 Red 14kN 30.2-52.1mm 1.19-2.05in 136g 4.8oz
2 Yellow 14kN 37.2-64.9mm 1.46-2.55in 155g 5.47oz
3 Blue 14kN 50.7-87.9mm 2.00-3.46in 201g 7.09oz
4 Gray 14kN 66.0-114.7mm 2.60-4.51in 289g 10.19oz
5 Purple 14kN 85.4-148.5mm 3.36-5.85in 380g 13.4oz
6 Green 14kN 114-195.0mm 4.5-7.68in 557g 1lb 4oz