Pots & Pans


Chinook Plateau Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

Made from heavy gauge, 18/8 polished stainless steel and folding handles, these tea kettles make great tea at camp and at home.
$29.00 CAD

GSI Dutch Oven Hard Anodized 12"

Hard Anodized Dutch oven for cooking over a fire
$138.00 CAD

GSI Glacier Stainless 12.3L Kettle

A stainless 12L pot that makes cooking for large groups easy
$123.00 CAD

GSI Glacier Stainless Cookset MED

A lightweight, nesting stainless steel cook set
$85.00 CAD

GSI Halulite Tea Kettle 1 QT.

An ultralight kettle for family campers and backpackers who demand efficiency in weight and performance.
$36.00 CAD

GSI Pinnacle Camper Cookset

A compact design that features a cook set for an entire group of four
$164.00 CAD

GSI Pinnacle Soloist Cook Set

The Pinnacle Soloist cook set is designed for one person and features a crush proof, dual-use, heat- ...
$57.95 CAD

GSI Pinncal 8" Frypan

Pinnacle fry pan offers the ultimate in cooking performance, non-stick resilience and durability.
$31.95 CAD

GSI Steel Skillet 20"

A monster of a skillet, with rugged stainless steel construction and a non-stick surface.
$61.95 CAD

Jetboil Genesis Base Camp System

A compact 2 burner stove system with 5L pot and fry pan
$449.95 CAD

MSR Alpine 1L Teapot

Durable and compact. Perfect for brewing up water for tea . . . and oatmeal, coffee, freeze-dried meals and more.
$34.95 CAD

MSR Alpine 2 Pot Set

Two person cook set with stainless steel durability and excellent weight savings. Total meal preparation when camping or on trail.
$59.95 CAD

MSR Alpine 4 Pot Set

A durable, lightweight stainless steel pot set. Contains everything you need to prepare and serve a small group meal when camping or on trail.
$95.00 CAD

MSR Alpine Stowaway Pot

A durable and versatile stainless steel pot for cooking while camping or on trail, with hinged handle that flips over the lid to lock in place.
$19.00 - $30.00 CAD

MSR Base 2 Pot Set

An economical, non-stick 2 person cook set for fast and light meals in the backcountry.
$65.95 CAD

MSR Flex 4 Pot Set

Durable and high-capacity nested pot set so you can feed more while minimizing space. A great option for large group paddling or camping trips.
$178.00 CAD

MSR Flex Skillet

Scratch resistant skillet with non-stick coating for easy cleanup. Make on-trail fry-ups a breeze with this versatile and affordable pan.
$32.95 CAD

MSR LiteLifter

Can lift up to 4 liter pots and weights only an ounce.
$18.95 CAD

MSR Panhandler Pot Lifter

Fits over most camping pots and safely supports up to 10 pounds.
$12.95 CAD

MSR Quick Skillet

A smaller version of the Flex skillet.
$34.95 CAD

MSR Titan 2 Potset

Two-person ultralight titanium pot set nests together to save space. Two pots, one lid, and one litelifter pot handle
$169.95 CAD

MSR Titan Kettle

Use it as a pot, mug or bowl - so light, you'll forget it's even in your pack.
$69.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink 10 Liter

Portable camp sink for washing and bathing
$29.95 CAD