Predator Helmets FR7-W

  • Product Number: 2572

The FR7-W has a great looking low-profile, classic skate-inspired look that’s contoured to provide optimal protection to the key areas of the head. The short visor provides sun protection without the bucketing or roll back.

The shell is made of high impact, Ralvek® thermoplastic for increased stiffness, durability and protection. A closed-cell waterproof EVA foam liner is used for a flexible shell and comfortable multi-impact protection.

The FR7-W comes in 2 shell sizes and has a rear dial fit-adjuster and fit pad kit for perfect locked-down comfort. Detachable ear covers provide increased comfort in cold riding conditions and added protection to the inner ear. Other features include top quality webbing and buckles, locking side divider and stainless steel chinstrap rivets. CE-1385 certified.


  • Great looking low-profile, classic skate-inspired look
  • Short visor provides sun protection and preventing bucketing or roll back.
  • High impact Ralvek® thermoplastic shell
  • Superior Comfort
  • Ventilation
  • Interior impact liner is a low profile, closed-cell waterproof EVA foam
  • Rear Adjuster
  • Includes detachable ear covers for comfort in cold conditions and inner ear protection
  • Double D-Ring Buckle
  • Ultra Lightweight

Specifications & Sizing:

Weight: 500g
Certified: CE-1385


54cm - 58cm
21.3" - 22.9"


53cm - 60cm
20.9" - 23.6"

Ideal For:

Paddling, Paddle Sports, Safety, Whitewater Kayaking, Whitewater Canoeing, Whitewater SUP