Global Star SPOT II

While supplies last, all remaining 2nd Generation Spot Units will receive one year of free tracking ($50 value!).  Act now - stock is very limited!

The 2nd Generation SPOT Messenger is 25% lighter!

Do not leave home without SPOT whether you are going to paddle in the back country, climb in the mountains or travel across the world. This hand held personal satellite messenger can provide peace of mind to your family and friends when you are out on your next big adventure.

SPOT Functions:

  • 911 - Use this option only in the event of a life threatening emergency. The Emergency Response Center will notify the appropriate emergency responders, which may include coast guard, police, search and rescue teams or even your country's embassy. Primary and secondary emergency numbers that you pre-program into SPOT will also be contacted. Please note that There is no test mode. Once activated, the response center will treat your situation as a real emergency.
  • HELP - this option can be used in a non life threatening situation to notify your friends and family that you need help or assistance in a specific location. 911 and HELP can be activated simultaneously.
  • OK - use this feature to let your friends and family know your location and that everything is okay. A message will be sent with a web link of your position using Google Maps.
  • CUSTOM - Choose a secondary message to send to family and friends
  • TRACK PROGRESS - send a waypoint to SPOT every 10 minutes so your family and friends can follow your progress in real time using Google Maps. Track progress feature requires SPOT premium upgrade service and is not covered under the basic subscription.

How does spot work:

  • Once activated, SPOT messenger's onboard GPS chip will determine your exact coordinates and relay this information to the SPOT satellite system.
  • SPOT satellites relay your message to specific satellite antennas around the world, which in turn route your message and location to the appropriate network.
  • Your pre-programmed message is delivered via text message, email or emergency notification.

SPOT is powered by Google Maps. When an email or text message is sent via the SPOT system, it includes your exact GPS coordinates and a web link to view your location on Google Maps.

Battery AAA lithium 8x - Energizer
Power On Unused - 94.7 days
Waterproof To a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes
Shock Resistance When dropped on any side from 1 meter
Warranty 1 Year from date of purchase
Spot Dimensions 9.4 x 6.4 x 2.5 cm
Weight 147.4 g

*Usage of SPOT satellite messenger system is based on a subscription service. This may be the most valuable thing you ever subscribe to when this technology saves your life out in the back country.

Basic package of $99.99 USD/yr includes 911, Help and OK features. Upgrade to Track progress feature for $49.99 USD/yr. For all the important information on how to activate and set up your SPOT, please see the Global Star information kit inside the packaging of your new SPOT personal locator.