Bear Safety


Earth Management Bear Bell

Don't be lunch! Bear bell with magnetic silencer warns the bears that you or your pet are coming when hiking in bear country.
$3.95 CAD

Tru Flare Bear Banger Cartridges (6)

Projects 40 meters and explodes with 115 decibel noise for use as a wildlife deterrent or noise locator.
$24.95 CAD

Tru Flare Flare Cartridges (6)

Standard flares project 45 meters for signaling in back country. Three colours for distress, "okay," and location signaling.
$22.50 CAD

Tru Flare Pen Launcher 01

Basic two-handed flare and bear banger launcher.
$20.95 CAD

Tru Flare Thumb Launcher 02

Retract and release a flare or bear banger with one hand.
$22.95 CAD