Mack's Ear Plugs Seal

  • Product Number: 1485 - 3361164

No fitting or sizing required for these pre-molded flanged earplugs. Mack's Ear Seals feature a dual durometer design (2 plastics are used in the molding process). This creates a unique combination of super-soft seal rings for unmatched comfort and a stiffer inner core for ease of insertion.

  • Doctor recommended to seal out water, Mack's Ear Seals help prevent and surfer's ear.
  • These Ear Seals come with a convenient detachable cord for attaching to your helmet or PFD.
  • Great for kayaking, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, rafting, etc.
  • Shatterproof carrying case included.

Ear protection is incredibly important to guard against Surfer's Ear. Long exposure to cold water and wind can cause the ear to develop new bony lumps which can constrict the ear canal. Infection can also result.


  • Pre-molded silicone
  • Triple flange design
  • Washable and reusable
  • Shatterproof case