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Souris River Quetico 18.5

$3145.00 - $3625.00 CAD
  • Product Number: 0110001KVCLSL

We have experienced an increased demand by families and outfitters for a larger capacity canoe. Not only does the Quetico 18.5 allow for high capacity loading, but it retains amazing stability and handling characteristics. Even when heavily loaded, this canoe is easy to paddle. When it comes time to portage, you’ll be impressed with how light it is. Other canoes on the market with the Quetico 18.5’s capacity and performance do so with a ridiculous increase in overall length. This equates to more handling difficulties both on water and while threading your way through the woods on a portage. The vast majority of Quetico 18.5s are outfitted with three seats.

Add-On Options:

  • Black or Bronze Anodized Gunwales with Black or Bronze Aluminum Thwarts 
  • Wood Thwarts and Handles
  • Sliding Bow Seat
  • Contoured Yoke 
  • Drop-In Seat
  • Third Seat
  • Foot Brace


Length: 18'.5"
Width: 36.5"
Weight: 49lbs
Rocker: 2"
Bow Depth: 20"
Centre Depth: 14"
Stern Depth: 20"

Ideal For:

Open Lakes, Tracking, Speed, Large Families, High Capacity Loads