Leki Trekking Poles Aergon Photo Adapter

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  • Product Number: 3362689

The walking photographer’s ideal product

Leki's Aergon Photo Adapter allows you to add a standard camera screw attachment to the top of any Aergon trekking pole, creating a Monopod. It’s removable so you don't have to have it fitted all the time.

Leki says:
Turn any LEKI pole with the Aergon grip in to a monopod.
When you zoom in your camera to capture close-ups of wildlife or the distant scenery the results can be disappointing due to movement of the camera. Now you can conveniently attach your camera to the top of a trekking pole to aid stability and get better pictures without affecting the usability of your poles.

Recommended for compact cameras or light-weight system cameras.