Camp Trails Medium 3 Pack

The award-winning and patented GoToob is made from soft yet rugged silicone, so it's easy to squeeze out all of the contents.
$31.95 CAD

Deuter Aircontact 65+10

Features a front panel opening providing a unique level of access
$340.00 CAD

Deuter Grant Flight

The perfect trolley business partner. It is hand luggage sized, the lockable main compartment holds clothes as well as laptop and tablet.
$285.00 CAD

Deuter Pannier Sling

A sporty sling bag with urban styling and carefully thought out features.
$64.99 CAD

Deuter Phone Bag 1

This compact phone case can attached to a backpack strap or belt for easy access. Made from stretchy neoprene with a sleek embroidery design.
$15.99 CAD

Deuter Quantum 70+10

No more getting stuck in bus doorways or train passages! World travelers will love the practical narrow shape of the Quantum travel pack.
$355.00 CAD

Deuter Raincover III

Keep your bag dry even in bad weather. Fits most packs from 45-90L
$33.00 CAD

Deuter Security Flip In

The secret compartment for travelers. Just attach it to your belt and flip it on the inside and your notes and documents will stay invisible.
$13.95 CAD

Deuter Security Holster

Slim money belt for security while travelling.
$24.50 CAD

Deuter Transport Cover

A transport cover for 60-90 L packs on planes, trains and automobiles
$65.00 CAD

Deuter Traveller 70 +10

Not one to leave much behind? Deuter's got you covered with this spacious bag with an unusually well-equipped detachable daypack for shorter excursions.
$385.00 CAD

Deuter Wash Bag Lite II

The perfect compact wash bag for travelling or trips where you need the bare essentials.
$16.00 CAD

Deuter Wash Centre I

Everything you need a wash bag to be in a streamlined package with just a little more room.
$46.00 CAD

Granite Gear Air Pocket

Ultralight pocket sleeve for stowing books, maps or travel documents
$17.95 CAD

Granite Gear Air Zippditty 2 Pack

2 pack (same size) zippered stuff sack for organizing items
$17.95 CAD

Granite Gear Hiker Wallet

A super lightweight wallet you can bring with you for a day on the trail
$13.95 CAD

Outdoor Research Rangefinder Dry Pack

Old-school style with futuristic performance. The stylish Rangefinder Dry Backpack moonlights as a technical waterproof backpack for traveling or bike commuting.
$125.00 CAD

Outdoor Research Rangefinder Rucksack

Weatherproof construction meets vintage style. Waterproof constructed day pack, perfect for short adventures.
$100.00 CAD

Outside-Inside Roll Up 5-in-1 Game Set

An absolute vacation essential that offers loads of family fun anywhere at any time.
$23.95 CAD

Power Monkey Spidermonkey

A sleek, compact hub for charging up to 4 USB devices at once.
$59.00 CAD

Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow

Whether in transit or the backcountry the Aeros range of lightweight and compact inflatable pillows will award you a comfortable sleep.
$52.95 - $56.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Eye Shades

Block light out and get some z's while on the road. Ear plugs included
$19.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Nylon Tarp Poncho

Designed to keep you and your pack fully covered, even in a downpour
$79.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Pocket Towel

Light, compact travel towel. Perfect for travelling, or the camp site.
$27.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Pocket Umbrella

Tiny and compact travel umbrella that fits in the palm of your hand
$24.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Premium Silk Travel Liner

A luxurious liner, perfect for keeping a sleeping bag clean and for hostel or budget hotel traveling in comfort.
$99.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Silk Cotton Blend Travel Liner

A blend of cotton and silk for comfort and performance
$73.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Tek Towel

The Tek Towel is the most luxurious-feeling microfiber towel on the market. Super absorbent and quick drying, this towel is ideal for travel, beach, camping and more.
$21.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Tek Towel Wash Kit

A towel, washcloth and concentrated wilderness soap - the perfect kit for staying fresh while camping or travelling!
$36.95 - $44.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Travelling Light Garment Mesh Bag

Keep your clothes neat, organized and crease-free while out on the road.
$22.95 - $29.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Travelling Light Packing Cell

Lightweight packing cells perfect for keeping socks, underwear and accessories ordered and accessible in your pack.
$22.95 - $29.95 CAD

Sea to Summit Trek & Travel Body Wash Liquid

Perfect for cleaning up yo' stinky self, but does extra duty as dish, clothing, or gear soap in a pinch. Carry-on baggage compliant.
$5.95 CAD

The North Face Overhead

Designed for one-to-two-day trips, keep your 15" laptop and tablet easily accessible and fits in overhead bins.
$249.00 CAD

Thermarest Compressible Pillow

Rolls up into a tight, packable ball for space-savvy comfort when camping
$27.00 - $35.95 CAD

Thermarest NeoAir MiniPump

A pocket-sized pump that will inflate your mattress in just 3 minutes
$50.00 CAD

Thermarest NeoAir Torrent Pump

Inflate NeoAir mattresses in seconds with this automatic pump
$49.95 CAD