Current Designs Nomad GTS

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If you want efficiency and speed in an expedition touring kayak the Nomad is for you. The long slender waterline of the Nomad makes an extremely efficient hull and gives you a super fast open water boat. Very versatile, it slices through waves with ease, maneuvers beautifully, and allows the paddler to handle adverse conditions with confidence. This seaworthy design can handle expeditions, extended tours, or day trips in all conditions. Available in an optional High Volume (HV) model which adds 3/4" in depth allowing for a roomier cockpit.


  • North American Style
  • Fish Form
  • Two Tone and trim colour options (call)
  • Black H-channel side seam
  • Glassed-in bulkheads
  • Deck rigging bungee
  • Reflective perimeter rigging
  • Padded seat bottom and backrest
  • Bow and Stern bulkhead
  • Sea-lect Designs Foot Brace
  • Rudder
  • Touring Cockpit
  • Shallow V
  • Soft Chine


Length: 18' 10" (574.04cm)
Weight Kevlar: 50 lbs Fibreglass: 54 lbs
Width: 21.25" (53.975cm)
Deck Height: 13.75" (34.925cm)
Cockpit: 29" (73.66cm) x 15.50" (39.37cm)
Bow Hatch: 14.00" (35.56cm), 8.00" (20.32cm), 26.00Gal. (98.28L)
Rear Hatch: 16.00" (40.64cm) x 8.75" (22.225cm), 32.00Gal. (120.96L)
Day Hatch: 8.00" (20.32cm) x 8.00" (20.32cm)
Max Capacity: 425 lbs
Recommended Paddler Size: 110 - 220 lbs

Ideal For:

Lakes, Sea Touring, Multi-Day Touring, Expeditions, Sea, M - XL Paddlers