Boreal Designs Alvik

$4195.00 CAD
  • Product Number: 950103-AP

A performance touring boat ideal for the intermediate paddler seeking performance, comfort and elegance with plenty of gear space.  It’s also an excellent choice for beginners who are working towards a higher skill level and want something to grow into as they progress.  For long and short expeditions, loaded or not, the Alvik is always an outstanding choice.


  • Primary stability is a reflection of how stable the kayak feels while sitting still on a calm body of water. A high primary stability is perfect for beginners, photographers and fisherman alike.
  • Secondary stability is the stability felt while edging the boat (leaning the kayak on one side using your hips). A kayak with a poor secondary will require a stronger bracing technique to edge with confidence.
  • Handling vs Tracking:There is no right or wrong answer here. A kayak that tracks more (more grey) will be easy to keep on a straight course. A loose kayak (more blue) will be easy to turn on a dime and change direction quickly.
  • Speed: This is the general speed of the kayak, combining acceleration, cruising speed, top speed and how easy it is to keep.
  • Storage:This represents the total inside storage volume the kayak offers. Rudder equipped kayaks tend to have more storage compared to skegs that take up some space in the rear hatch. A high rating for storage is perfect for a touring paddler.


Length: 17” (5.18 m)
Width: 23” (58.4 cm)
Cockpit: 16” x 30” (41 x 76 cm)
Kayak Weight: FG / KV / CA* 51 / 46 / 42 lb (23/20.9 /19.1 kg)
Recommended Weight of Paddler: 120 to 225 lb (55 to 102 kg)
Recommended Load Limit: 260 lb (118 kg)
Total Volume: 106 gal us (400 l)
Type of Chine: Soft
Béluga skirt Size: Large

Ideal For:

Flat water, Multi-day Touring, Day touring, Small to mid sized paddlers