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GSI Iso Butane Fuel 16 oz / 450 g

  • Product Number: 4996 - 8403165

Fuel for your canister stove. A self-sealing valve allows removal of partially consumed canisters for packing or travel. This fuel cartridge has a 4-season mixture: 70% Isobutane, 25% Propane and 5% Butane. The mixture of isobutane and propane keeps a good efficiency even at cold temperatures. It offers much better performance than butane/propane canisters.

*Due to hazardous materials shipping restrictions, we do not sell fuel online. Pick up only!


  • Isobutene/propane blend performs well at cooler temperatures
  • Designed for use with GSI Pinnacle Stoves
  • Nests inside nForm cooking systems


  • Weight: 450 g
  • Volume: 450 g / 16 oz
  • Fuel Type: Iso Butane
  • Gas Blend: Butane (5%) / Propane (25%) / Isobutane (70%)
  • Compatible: with EN417 standard threaded valve stoves, GSI, MSR, Jetboil, Primus, Optimus