Wenonah Voyager Ultralight Solo Canoe

$3595.00 CAD
  • Product Number: 794VOYKLAC

Designed for the solo paddler with big plans, the Voyager is at home on large lakes and rivers. If you're looking for a Solo that'll take on big water with ease, look no further.

The Voyager's hull is incredibly efficient, straight-tracking and capable of carrying two-weeks' worth of gear. Loaded or empty, it is the benchmark boat of its class.


  • Length 17' 6"
  • Weight 34 lbs
  • Width (gunwale) 21.5"
  • Width (maximum) 28.75"
  • Width (waterline) 27.5"
  • Bow Depth 19"
  • Centre Depth 14"
  • Stern Depth 16"
  • Rocker 0"