Sealskinz Waterblocker Socks

  • Product Number: 335 - 0082S

The perfect addition to any outdoor wardrobe. The WaterBlocker sock incorporates a new, patented innovation in waterproof protection -- a seal! The inside cuff of the sock has been designed to fit close to your skin to form a seal at the top preventing water entering the sock. Now, when you ride in a heavy downpour, the water can't run down your legs and into your socks.


  • Inner layer CoolMax fibers haves 20% more surface area than ordinary fibers for quick drying
  • Hydrophobic (moisture-repelling), retains eight times less moisture than nylon and fourteen times less than cotton
  • Middle layer waterproof membrane is 100% waterproof and breathable, typical WVP (water vapor penetration) 20%
  • Outer layer nylon outer sock with low absorbency, quick drying and excellent durability properties.
  • Formed sock/ minimal stretch designed to fit over existing liner socks
  • 100% waterproof protection up to the calf muscle
  • Cuff seal is a new patented seal on the cuff which prevents water from entering the sock from the top