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Gibbon Slacklines Slackline 201 Tricklining DVD

  • Product Number: 3787 - 3360872

If you have mastered the basics of slacklining this is the next step. Learn how to trickline with the Slackline 201: Tricklining DVD from Gibbon. You will be taken step by step through mounts line tricks and air tricks so you can slack like the pros do.

About Slacklining:

Originating in the climbing world, slacklining is the act of balancing along a narrow, flexible piece of webbing that has been anchored between two stable objects--such as trees. Slacklines are usually set up low to the ground, making it possible for people of all ability levels to practice on them. Unlike tightropes and balance beams, slacklines offer a certain amount of give in the line that allows you to bounce and do tricks as you traverse. Using a slackline for balance practice can improve core strength, help you develop focus, and refine your movements for any athletic pursuit, from climbing to gymnastics and beyond. Lightweight and simple to set up virtually anywhere with sturdy trees or other stationary anchors, slacklining is a great way to challenge yourself and pass the time--whether you are an avid climber, a yogi, or a family looking for a fun challenge that you can do together.

Studio: Gibbon Slacklines