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Harmony Odyssey Inflatable Kayak

The Odyssey is stable, fast and easy to paddle, featuring a large cockpit and spray visors to keep you dry. These inflatables are ideal for river and lake paddling, easy moving water, and general recreational use.

The kayaks feature adjustable seats with backrests for one or two adults. Under-deck storage at rear. HF welded inflatable bladders. Built-in drain plug. Durable 840 denier nylon shell with spray visors on the bow and stern, grab handles, paddle park, and neoprene protective strips. Rubbing strake in front hull and skeg at rear for tracking. Includes pump, repair kit, instruction manual, and storage backpack.

Pull your kayak out of the bag and easily assemble it in minutes. It folds up for compact storage in the car or home.


    • Under-deck storage in rear
    • Stable and Fast Tri-Tube Hull
    • Skeg (on 375 model)
    • Built in drain plug
    • Spray visors on bow and stern
    • Rubbing strake in front hull
    • Includes pump, repair kit, instruction manual, and storage backpack


Length 295
9' 9"
Length 375 12' 6"
Material 840 denier nylon
Weight 295
40 lbs
Weight 375 49 lbs
Width 295, 375
Depth 14.5"
Max Capacity 295
440 lbs
Max Capacity 375 550 lbs