Black Diamond Camalot C3

$69.95 CAD
  • Product Number: 117067

With up to 30% less head width than any other micro cam, C3 Camalots fit in more places more securely. The C3’s broader middle lobe overlaps and interlocks with the opposing cams, maintaining its narrow width and maximizing contact area. Three compression springs independently drive each cam for increased holding force and contact in irregular placements.

Their stems are laterally stiff for slotting in tight placements, but flexible over edges for a more evenly dispersed load. Their cable loops provide ample room for clipping in short or with a draw.

Size Colour Strength Range Weight
000* Grey 4kN 7.8-12.9mm 0.30-0.50in 55g 1.94oz
00 Purple 6kN 9.0-13.7mm 0.35-0.54in 57g 2.01oz
0 Green 7kN 10.7-15.8mm 0.42-0.62in 59g 2.08oz
1 Red 10kN 12.0-18.8mm 0.47-0.74in 62g 2.19oz
2 Yellow 10kN 14.2-22.6mm 0.56-0.89in 66g 2.33oz

*For direct aid only