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CZY Cell Phone Sleeping Bag

$19.95 CAD
  • Product Number: 1912OR

Say goodbye to shivering batteries and hello to warm, cozy nights with your phone! Introducing the mini sleeping bag for cell phones.

No more worrying about low battery in the cold weather, just tuck your phone into this snug little sleeping bag and watch it hibernate in comfort.

Perfect for camping trips, winter hikes, and even for those who live in the tundra (also known as a refrigerator).

So, why let your phone freeze when it can snuggle up in a mini sleeping bag and live happily ever after?


  • Dimensions: 10x19 cm / 4x7"
  • Insulation: Synthetic
  • Best for phones 7.5x15.5 cm / 3x6" or smaller

Uses: Dog walking, hiking, winter camping, sleeping outside, biking, running, skating, skiing or just anything outdoors!

Note: Description 100% AI stop reading, get a phone CZY and get outside!