GV Race ST

$209.00 CAD
  • Product Number: 3361867

A lightweight racing snowshoe to take you further, faster.  The aerodynamic shape reduces ground friction for increased speed.  The profiled decking, aggressive crampons, Energy Saver Soft pivot bar and innovative Step-In-Tech harness provide the streamlined performance needed for those aiming for top speeds on the snow.



Entech Decking

  • All GV decking can resist extreme temperatures down to - 50* C.
  • Entech™ decking is lighter in weight and provides better resistance against abrasion.
  • New decking fastener system now on all our snowshoes.
  • Superior durability.  
  • Prevents friction on decking bottom.
  • Limits premature wear.
  • Generates 50% less plastic waste.

Energy Saver Soft

  • Semi-rigid pivot bar
  • Reduces snow projection behind the legs
  • The back of the snowshoe always maintains contact with the ground.



Dimensions Snowshoe weight
(per pair)
7 x 21 in 2.25 lbs