Faber Bear Paw Heavy Duty Rawhide Leather Snowshoes

Bear Paw, Heavy Duty Lacing: Built with two tightly fit cross-bars tenons, the bear paw is a shorter but wider model. It is similar in shape to the sport model but lacks a tail. This lack of tail eases backward steps and maneuverability and helps turning around obstacles. This snowshoe is designed and recommended for thick underbrush and denser forest. Many workers and hunters enjoy the versatility of this model since the short nose allows them to get close to what they are working on while the lack of tail also allows them to easily carry and store the snowshoes. The heavy duty lacing is ideal for spring time conditions and wet snow.


  • Rawhide leather lacing
  • Heavy Duty Lacing

Specifications & Sizing:

14 x 30
Dimensions: 14 x 30 in
Snowshoe Weight: 4.5 lbs
User Weight: 125 - 250 lbs

16 x 30
Dimensions: 16 x 30 in
Snowshoe Weight: 4.95 lbs
User Weight: 175 - 350 lbs

Ideal For:

Forest, Bush, Maneuverability, Racing