Atlas 10 Series Snowshoe

$209.00 CAD
  • Product Number: 00631035

When the terrain gets demanding, avid hikers turn to the 10 Series snowshoe with its climbing bar to ease calf strain and SLS for classic Atlas maneuverability and articulation. Loaded suspension provides control over the snowshoe and allow contact of the aggressive crampon.  The addition of the new Wrapp Swift binding has a technical fit, is simple to clinch up, and evenly distributes pressure over the whole foot.

The tempered steel All-Trac toe crampon and Traverse Trac rails add sidehill control and confident strides. With dedicated men’s geometry for the proprietary Atlas 6061 aluminum V-frame, you’ll feel content hiking all day long

Sizing & Specifications:


Length: 35 in

Weight: 5.12 lbs

Load Capacity: 180 - 300+ lbs

Ideal For:

Intermediate, Hills