Manitoba Eco-Network Manigotagan Canoe Route Map

$19.95 CAD
  • Product Number: 391030

A hard-copy version of the Manitoba Eco-Network Manigotagan River map with all important information including:

  • access points
  • designated campsites
  • rapids (including Class information)
  • portages

Everything you need for planning and paddling a kayak or canoe trip down one of Manitoba's most accessible whitewater routes.

The Manigotagan River is a novice to intermediate canoe route that takes between 5 and 7 days (downstream access points can shorten the trip). The trip features 32 waterfalls and rapids ranging from Class I to Class IV depending on the water level. The longest portage is close to 450 metres, while the shortest is less than 20 metres long.  Some smaller rapids do not have a portage trail and must be run.