Old Town Snap In Center Canoe Seat

  • Product Number: 3196 - 8400963

The snap-in seat snugly snaps over vinyl gunwales and stays in place until you pop it out. This seat fits in the middle of all Old Town Canoes with widths of 34" to 37". The rugged design can hold an adult or two children and carries up to 300 lbs. Consider a snap-in seat, oar sockets and oarlocks and you have a rowing canoe.


  • Adjustable width
  • Snap-in replacement canoe seat
  • Allows paddler to get close to canoe edge so can paddle
  • Can be used and adjust to fit, in the middle, bow or stern of a canoe
  • Canoe width between 34" to 37"


  • Adjustable Width: 34" to 37"
  • Carries up to: 300 lbs