Esquif Rangeley 13.5 Canoe

Modeled on the same blueprint as the time-honored Rangeley boats of the early 20th century it is the little one in the family, nonetheless it bears the same width 51 “at mid ship as its big brothers the Rangeley 17 and 15. This 13.5 foot long boat offers remarkable stability for its size. The boat comes in traditional wood trim or with rugged vinyl gunwales where rod holders, GPS and other accessories can be mounted securely. All Rangeley boats come outfitted with skid plates to guarantee an even longer durability. With its 105lbs it can easily be car topped and effortlessly carried on your all terrain vehicle like all the boats in the Rangeley family. This pleasant rowing boat becomes a notable craft once equipped with a small outboard engine. The Rangeley 13.5 is a light and comfortable choice for all your hunting and fishing ventures that demands unmatched agility and freedom in confined areas.


  • Remarkable stability
  • Rugged vinyl gunwales or traditional wood trim
  • Outfitted with skid plates
  • For all your hunting and fishing


  • Construction : T-Formex
  • Length : 4.11 m (13.6’)
  • Width : 129.54 cm (51”)
  • Depth : 40.6 cm (16”)
  • Shape : Square Stern
  • Gunwale : Vinyl
  • Colour : Camo, , Olive
  • Weight : 47.6 kg (105 lbs)
  • Carrying Capacity : *recommandation of coastal guard for motor boat* : 240 Kg (527 lb)
  • Seats : Webbed seats
  • Max outboard : 5 HP or 3.75 kw