Nite Ize Steelie Squeeze Clamp

  • Product Number: 5486 - 8403397

The Squeeze welcomes virtually any phone with open arms, requiring an effortless pinch of the levers to place and secure your phone. Fitting phones with a case and accessories 2.3" - 3.6" wide (60mm - 93mm), the Squeeze features grippy arms and inner continuous force springs to keep your phone in place. Instead of a magnetic socket on your phone, the magnet is found on the back of the Clamp, allowing you to pair it with your favourite Steelie mount of choice and share with other drivers or passengers of your vehicle. By integrating the power of Steelie into the modern Squeeze design, users can still experience the same smooth 360 rotation and secure hold that only Steelie can deliver. And as an added bonus, when the Squeeze Clamp is on your phone, it can magnetically connect to any magnetic surface and is also compatible with MagSafe phones, cases and wireless chargers.


  • Squeeze Clamp
  • Magnetic Phone Socket Plus
  • 360 rotation
  • Compatible with MagSafe phones


  • Fits phones (with a case and accessories): 2.3" - 3.6" wide (60mm - 93mm)