Petzl Spirit Bent Carabiner

$15.95 CAD
  • Product Number: 528024

The SPIRIT carabiner is the benchmark for sport climbing and working routes. The design of the bent gate allows the rope to be stabilized and clipped efficiently. The H-shaped cross-section reduces the weight of the carabiner to 39 g.


  • Easy to use for clipping and unclipping: the straight gate design offers an excellent grip and makes clipping and unclipping easier thanks to its textured gate and Keylock system
  • Design of the bent gate allows the rope to be clipped efficiently
  • Lightweight and versatile: only 39 g
  • H-shaped cross-section offers an optimized strength/weight ratio
  • Available in two versions: straight gate or bent gate
  • Reliable and durable: very reliable gate mechanism
  • Wide rope and anchor contact surfaces for better rope glide and reduced wear on the carabiner


  • Weight: 39 g
  • Material: aluminum
  • Major Axis: 23 kN
  • Major Axis: 8 kN
  • Open Gate: 9 kN
  • Gate Opening: 21 mm
  • Capacity: 21 mm